Petit Fleur.

Happy Friday everyone!! :} 

I am currently laying on the couch with my dog whilst eating a popsicle... Summer is treating me very well. I just got back from a little New York trip with my bff Raashi (which I will definitely dedicate a blogpost to later) before she headed off to Europe. But first I wanted to share my outfit on here because something that I have been absolutely head-over-heels about recently are...... Florals. 
I don't quite know what sparked this recent infatuation it just kind of happened beginning with this phone case.

I was experiencing a lot of frustration because I kept shattering my screen with the last (pretty shitty) phone case that I've had since like sophomore year. It was a cute b&w grid one, but it didn't have the protective bumper which this klutz right here really needed. I had been browsing for what seemed like ages and finally came across this little gem on Casetify :'}


It reminds me of The English Roses books that my sister and I used to be absolutely obsessed with when we were younger. It revolved around 5 British gals and was written by Madonna <3 Anyways, the illustrations for those books were soooooo cute and very much resemble the ones on this case. I ended up smacking a sticker from French Toast Nick on it because I figured I needed a little something to jazz it up just a bit ;}

Moving on to my outfit: I recently purchased this lovely floral off-the-shoulder top & a pair of fishnet tights from Frankie Phoenix -- a brand that I am very in love with at the moment. I'm telling you, their online store has so many closet essentials and their clothing pieces are very affordable. In fact, this top is on sale right now for literally $10, so if you want one for yourself! click on over to my outfit deets ;}

I would also like to mention that their bralette collection is killer. 

Fishnet tights have been the look of the moment, and I am totally onboard for this. They've gained steam again this past fall and to be honest at first, rocking them seemed quite daunting to me. I intentionally paired them with softer tones because they are quite the statement, and I actually really love the way they look with this outfit <3
I more than anything want to wear them under ripped mom jeans!! However, I haven't been lucky enough to find myself a decent pair that fits me yet :'(

Okay, last but not least, can we just talk about these shoes? These kicks are hands down the most complimented item in my entire wardrobe -- I love the simple elegance that they bring about in any outfit that I pair them with. The best part is: they are extremely comfortable. I literally snatched me the very last pair at my local TJ Maxx back in January, and I am so grateful that I did -- these shoes are truly timeless.

It feels good to be putting more content on my blog again!! I hope you're having a relaxing day or evening depending on whenever you're reading this, and I'll talk to you guys later in my nyc blog post ;}

Till next time!



Outfit Details:




    School started last Monday, so summer has already come to a close… I'm also already burning my fall candles.

    Currently in my life: I’m officially a senior in high school... which is just now finally starting to set in. It’s actually a little more stressful than I had anticipated it to be, but that’s probably just because I’ve been feeling a tad scatterbrained lately.

    These past few days have been the slowest. Apart from school, they have consisted of me cleaning out my closet because I have been putting that off for far too long... and trying to find new music.

    These photos are from quite a while ago, but better late than never in my opinion. ;} Overalls are something that I love dearly but never quite have luck with finding. This overall dress is from Urban and matches with just about everything… and here I kept it minimal and incorporated a little black and white because well… I guess that’s what I do best.

    Crispy Blues

    2 posts in 1 day, this is what I call productive. Regardless that it’s summer, I’m somehow seriously struggling with time. I’ve finally caught up with my work load of assignments (that was due 5 days ago) for a comm app course I’m taking over the summer. Accordingly, that puts me behind on the next load of assignments I have yet to commence. My Summer days are flying by, and I can’t believe we’re already half way through the month of June!

    On with the post :] I’m wearing a simple lightweight button down tucked in a pair of black high-waisted shorts. Also, if you know me, there’s something about crew socks and oxfords that have me a little obsessed... crew socks and anything really. When I was younger, I remember that right after The Chronicles of Narnia was released, I admired the Pevensies' style from head to toe. I would wear frilly socks with my mary janes every single day. I guess the trend kind of stuck with me :}

    Outfit Details:


    Here it is: my first ever blog post :} 
    I look forward to keeping up with this new blog of mine, a creative outlet where I can share all the things that inspire me. Anyhow, I’m absolutely loving this window pane shift dress from Urban. It screams 60’s, and in my eyes, is perfect for the Spring time. Incorporating monochromatic tones in my outfits is always a go-to for me, no matter the season.