All Black Everything

Hey loves.

January is already over and thus far I have only posted my January playlist on my blog this year… and that was. yesterday... not to mention that I completely skipped December.

But whatever. Right?

Happy 2017 you guys! :’)

These photos are from December, and the thing is, I haven’t necessarily even been that busy, I just by no means have been prioritizing my time. Like AT ALL… (New year's resolution perhaps).

Sidenote. I know this really cool photographer dude. His name is Austin Leih and he shot these photos on b&w film (I mean might as well right? Totally complements the monochromatic mayhem that I am). He also happens to be my boyfriend ;) and has helped photograph for my little blog so much <3 so shoutout to him

I want to continue dedicating more time towards my blog, not so much that I even have a substantial audience yet. I just know that further down in my life, I will very much enjoy being able to look back at my photos & little writings and feel all nostalgic. I love that. And hate that-- but that’s how nostalgia works. You wish you could go back to a certain time and place, and you’re sad that you can’t… but in the end you’re simply grateful for the fact that you have such a lovely memory to dwell on. Yeah.
Extra side note. Nostalgia is my middle name.
Just kidding it’s Dawn. But I am hands down the most nostalgic person that I know and am so overwhelmed with the concept of “time” and how it deludes right before my eyes.

Anyways, I anticipate posting on my blog MORE frequently. Not only do I want to begin expanding in the content that I blog about, I also want to show more voice in my writing because more than anything when I look back and read these I want to hear my real voice and thoughts and not the cookie cutter polished thoughts which I know can get pretty monotone. I will more than likely begin posting some food related ones in the near future :}
I’ve been vegan for almost a year now, and it would just fill my heart with joy to inspire others in living a cruelty lifestyle by demonstrating how simple it can actually be.

Till next time! (which will be very soon).




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