Behind The Storm

Hello to all of you beautiful souls.
Happy Wednesday!

If you know me, I don’t typically wear a lot of jewelry, or accessories etc. but I am completely head-over-heels for this black choker. I definitely channel my inner Lily Rose every time I put it on ;)

I ordered this one back in May. I had been looking everywhere for a wide velvet choker, but at the time all I could find were thin ones. Then I browsed through Etsy and found just what I was looking for.

I’m also expecting a silk one from brandy to arrive in the mail some time soon. Yay!

p.s. I didn’t mess up the link to my tank top - I buy them in the kids section. Don't laugh at me.

Sending good vibes & love to all of you!

X.x. Lindsay

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Behind the Storm 7.jpg