School started last Monday, so summer has already come to a close… I'm also already burning my fall candles.

Currently in my life: I’m officially a senior in high school... which is just now finally starting to set in. It’s actually a little more stressful than I had anticipated it to be, but that’s probably just because I’ve been feeling a tad scatterbrained lately.

These past few days have been the slowest. Apart from school, they have consisted of me cleaning out my closet because I have been putting that off for far too long... and trying to find new music.

These photos are from quite a while ago, but better late than never in my opinion. ;} Overalls are something that I love dearly but never quite have luck with finding. This overall dress is from Urban and matches with just about everything… and here I kept it minimal and incorporated a little black and white because well… I guess that’s what I do best.