West Coast Road Trip - San Francisco

Here it is :)
The very last part to my West Coast road trip: San Francisco.

First of all, the drive from Portland to California felt like the longest drive ever, but it was incredibly scenic, so wasn’t all that bad. There were beautiful mountains in all directions, and that made the drive worth it.

We arrived at our hotel in San Fran pretty late in the evening, and after dropping our bags off at our room, we decided to go out for a walk by the piers. I didn’t have my camera with me at the time, but we drove over to Pier 1 and walked all the way down to Pier 39. Once we returned back to our hotel, my sister and I went to the lobby for some orange juice and imported some photos to my computer.

The following morning after breakfast, we drove out to Muir Woods. This is probably the most majestic of nature spots. Surrounded by acres and acres of Redwoods (the tallest living things on Earth), the ambience felt like a fairy tale. Easily, we lost track of time and stayed much longer than intended; we even spotted a fawn and four little chipmunks by the gift shop too.

I also shot an entire roll of film while out on this road trip (which reminds me; I still have yet to send it off and have it developed). I feel pretty good about his one :) but hey, it’s the West Coast... the most photogenic part of our country - in my opinion.

We left Muir Woods with quite the appetite, so we drove over to Chinatown for a late lunch. I must say, of all the Chinatowns I have ever been to, San Francisco tops them all.

Last time we were here in San Francisco we weren’t able to visit the painted ladies, so naturally it was a priority to go this time. As we approached the evening, we then drove out to Baker Beach for the perfect (foggy**) sunset by the Golden Gate Bridge. My keds got hella sandy and MAN was it cold (my fingers went numb), but it’s not everyday you get a sunset here, so I wanted to stay as long as I possibly could.

The following morning we ate a light breakfast at Tartine Bakery, and afterwards we drove out to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. Literally right as we arrived, one of their workers hung up a “sold out” sign on the door and locked it. I don’t think they even had any vegan options… I honestly just wanted a photo of their neon sign ;( haha. I’m coming back to get that photo.

Soon enough we were driving to the airport and then flying back home. I wasn’t home for too long though. Three days after returning, my family and I went on our annual trip to Cancún. That trip is always the highlight of every summer for me :’)
I’m still deciding if I’m going to do a blog post on it though!
Till next time.