West Coast Road Trip - Cape Flattery & Portland

Okay, so this post is just beyond late. There’s that. I have by no means been blogging as much as would like to have been this summer and that makes me a little upset. However, I do want to finish this little road trip series I have going (extremely late), so here it is: part ⅔ of my trip.

After our day in seattle we head out for Port Angeles & Forks early in the morning. We stopped by a cute gas station and antique store. The drive there was so lovely, there were so many occurrences where we had to stop the car, get out, and just admire the beauty that surrounded us. I wish Texas was a little more like that.

This was me trying to take a phhhoto (a fairly new social media app that takes moving pictures). I would also like to add that my phone was being very uncooperative with me throughout my entire trip. Our rental had a convenient car charger that would charge everyone’s phone but mine, and my battery would drain like there was no tomorrow. The only reason I was upset was because I enjoy saving my snapchat stories from my travels and looking back at them like little video diaries, but with my corpse of a phone, I unfortunately wasn’t able to this trip :(

Shortly after we arrived in Port Angeles we got out of the car and walked around the pier with our dog Enya. It was so refreshing. There were some incredibly happy people hula hooping there as well. We were already so close to forks we decided to visit all of the spots from the film twilight (Forks High School, The Cullen House, and the ravioli place where Edward and Bella had their first date to name a few). After all that driving we got out and walked through some woods to stretch our legs out again. Several of the trees were hollowed out and we also stumbled upon a little library box filled with children's books. It was so cute.

After our walk we hopped back in our car and head out to cape flattery (the most North Western tip of the continental U.S.). It was about a mile walk through some woods from the parking lot to the ledge. I think it was one of the most beautiful walks I have ever been on. I was surrounded by so much green and in complete bliss. I’ll never forget it. We even brought Enya, but we carried her the whole way there because her tiny little legs get tired so fast. After that, we started our drive to portland.

We arrived the next morning. I was living on 3 hours of sleep and basically looked like a neanderthal at this point from spending the night in the car.  

We pulled up to Stumptown and sat in the lobby of Ace Hotel to drink our coffees. It was so quiet (& peaceful**).

I swear the shutter of my camera was SO loud when I took this everyone glared at me, but I had to take the photo. No regrets.

Once we were all reenergized we drove over to Multnomah Falls and admired the waterfall.

Then, we went to a home decor place called Schoolhouse Electric. My boyfriend told me he thought I would like it (he was right). It’s like Ikea meets Anthropologie, however, extremely out of my budget unfortunately. On the bright side, walking around in there place gave me a lot of inspiration and made me pretty excited for when I get to decorate my own home one day :]

We were probably in Portland for a total of 4 hours before we left for California, so I definitely want to go back and visit a little more if I get the chance. But I’ll finish this blog post here and post my California part real soon.

Hope everyone is having the loveliest summer!!


- Lindsay