West Coast Road Trip - Seattle

I’m not really sure where to start, so I guess I’ll just start at the very beginning. I had never been to Seattle before, but it was definitely everything I expected it to be and more.

On my flight there, I watched 2 cute movies. I watched the intern and I also watched me and earl and the dying girl; it was so sweet, I may or may not have started crying right there on the airplane... haha. The man sitting next to me felt the need to let me have his bag of kettle corn chips. 

Later, he started telling me and my sister about a music festival currently going on in North Washington and showed us photos from the time that he went. He lives in Seattle, but works in LA and told us of a few places we needed to visit while we're in town. He then told me and my sister about his coachella experience a few months back - and that we have to go at least once in our lives. Walking through the airport, it was easy noticing that Seattle locals are very friendly (and stylish**)

It was pretty late when we arrived in Seattle, but my family and I were too hungry to go directly to our hotel. We stopped and grabbed a bite to eat at a Denny's on the way there and then planned the day ahead of us. 

The following morning, we head out to downtown and payed a visit to quite a few spots.

The London Plane:

My family and I went for brunch at The London plane on Occidental Ave. It’s classy, modern, garnished with all kinds of flowers, AND their menu is almost entirely vegan. It’s crazy busy, but while we were waiting for an open table, we wandered around pioneer square for a bit and listened to the street performers (they called us in after about 30 minutes). Their prices are up there, but you're definitely getting your money's worth with the food they're serving. Top notch.

Elm Coffee:

This little coffee shop is not long ways from the London plane at all, so I grabbed an almond milk latte to-go before we headed out for a lovely stroll through pike place market (it was getting a little chilly out). 

Pike Place Market:

This farmers market is one you can’t miss, even if you’re not looking to purchase anything. I could honestly stay for hours - I highly recommend. 


After all of our walking, we hopped on a ferry-ride to Bainbridge island. The sky transitioned from partly cloudy to completely overcast in a matter of minutes, but we thought we’d give the ferry-ride a shot anyways. I stayed inside for most of the way to to the island, but I toughed it out and stood outside on the ride back. It was cold, rainy, and windy, but the view was definitely worth it (a cute little rainbow even formed in the distance).