Groovy STL

Here I am with an extremely late but mandatory blog post. Last week I traveled to St. Louis. All of my relatives from my dad’s side live there, so I visit quite often. I stay at my aunt Carol’s house where we binge on good movies and drink lots of sweet tea.

St. Louis is a very underrated city, and I can honestly say that with as many times as I have visited, it will never get old for me.

One of my very favorite spots is The Loop on Delmar Blvd. The Loop is an always-evolving neighborhood, home to unique stores, boutiques, and coffee shops. I must always dedicate a visit to my favorite boutique, Avalon Exchange, with every time I visit STL no. matter. what. It has the best selection of vintage finds I have ever witnessed and hands down the best thrifts from stores like Urban and Topshop. Better yet, it’s right across the street from an amazing coffee shop that my boyfriend told me about, Blueprint Coffee.

Quality coffee & 10/10 on the almond milk latte art that I may have gotten a little too excited about :]

The day before my family and I were about to leave STL, I found out that Oh Wonder (a band that my friend Raashi had told me about) was going to be playing at a a small venue on the Grove! My parents had to return home, (to get our AC replaced) but my sister and I spontaneously decided to stay in St. Louis and go to the concert with our cousin Megan the next day.

The following morning we went shopping with aunt Carol and then ate some portobello burgers at the Whole Foods in Brentwood. Soon enough it was already time to go to the The Ready Room on The Grove. With rainbow flags waving along Manchester Avenue, it is hard to miss the epicenter of St. Louis’ LGBT community. This proud gayborhood is super hip and definitely another one of my favorite spots in STL.

The concert was absolutely amazing! ...but I’ll go ahead and spare you my low quality iPhone photos. The concert opened up with a Cali based band called Lany, and Oh Wonder came shortly afterwards. They are CRAZY talented - one of those bands that sound even better live and are genuinely passionate about their music. I met so many cool people that evening and ended up enjoying the concert way more than I predicted. Cheers to last minute plans!!